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Firefighter Programs

VFF Blood-borne Pathogen Exposure Control SOP.doc​ ​Download
​VFF Confined Spaces Rescue SOP.doc Download
VFF Criteria Form.doc ​Download
VFF Emergency Incident Rehabilitation SOP.doc Download
​VFF Job Description.doc ​Download
VFF Medical Exam And Physical Form.doc ​Download
​VFF Physicians Assessment Form  Download​
VFF Respiratory Protection SOP.doc ​Download
​VFF ​​Roster Form.doc Download
​VFF Roster-Certified to Participate in Pyrotechnic Displays.doc Download
VFF Seatbelt Policy from IFCA.doc ​Download
VFF Seatbelt Pledge.doc Download
​VFF Status Update Form.pdf Download​
VFF Zero-Tolerance Alcohol Policy from IFCA.doc Download

VFF stands for Volunteer Firefighter. Other model programs​ are also available.​​​


Criteria for Volunteer Fire Departments

Volunteer fire departments must agree to comply with the following criteria to become members of IMWCA.

Must be implemented immediately:

1. Volunteers for prospective members must take a physical examination prior to appointment to the department.

Must be implemented within the first year of membership:

2. A written blood-borne pathogen exposure control plan.

3. Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Operations level training for a representative number of volunteers.

4. Confined space rescue training and written procedures in the event that the department performs a confined space rescue.

5. Written on-site rehabilitation procedures to monitor firefighters for heat exhaustion, frostbite, or other conditions incurred during firefighting or rescue operations.

6. A written respiratory protection plan requiring firefighters who wear respirators to meet OSHA-required standards, including a satisfactory spirometry test, if required by the reviewing physician.

Must be implemented within the first three years of membership:

7. All existing members must take a periodic physical examination to remain in the department. 

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